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Watford Valves is a U.K company that was established in the early 1990s’ and has become one of Europe’s leading suppliers of tested, graded and guaranteed valves and components to the professional music and audio industry.

Watford Valves is unique in the fact that it offers advice on how the valve sounds in its particular application and helps the customer get the right valve for your musical style or application. This experience has been gained from over 30 years of playing and using valve equipment in both live and audio applications. Many valve resellers offer a limited choice of stock, and some even offer just one factory brand and try and claim that the make is the best across all valve types.

In order to provide the advice you need to have the correct item in stock. So Watford holds a large and comprehensive inventory of high quality new old stock and current production valves for the professional music and audio industry. All items that we stock must meet our stringent standards for sound quality and reliability. Being musicians and users of valve amplifiers all valves are assessed in real working conditions as to their actual sound. This allows us to advise you of the right valve for your amplifier and your sound. Our in house testing procedure ensures that you get the right quality first time.

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